HXR 1-100-115-5_01
HXR 1-100-115-5_01
HXR 1-150-170-42_01
HXR 1-100-115-5_01
HXR 1-150-170-42_01

Clamping Devices

  • Copier Machinery manufactures compact, versatile, and easy to install modular concept clamping devices. They clamp the workpiece concentric with high precision and high repeatability. The clamping process is faster and with constant pressure with Copier’s clamping devices.
  • Special jaw sets are used depending on the workpiece diameter, size, and shape to assure proper clamping of the workpiece.
  • The clamping devices distinguish themselves in outstanding reliability and are designed for the roughest production procedures.
  • Copier’s clamping devices are easy to integrate into manufacturing lines and are available in manual, pneumatic, and hydraulic versions. Diameters vary from 5 mm up to 410 mm (0.2" – 16").
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