Pipe preparations play an important role in the automotive industry especially for parts like brake lines, shafts, steering lines, air conditioning, exhaust system, and strut. While stainless steel is the most commonly used pipe material in automotive, demand for copper pipes has been increasing along with the developments of electronics in automobiles.

What we offer

Copier Machinery is providing pipe machining solutions that meet the requirements (i.e. ASME) and high-quality demands. We offer our RTL Series that has a solid design for high-quality and precise end working applications for pipes such as chamfering/beveling, threading, drilling/boring, deburring, milling, and tapping.

The RTL Series can machine the pipes outside diameter up to 323mm (12”) either from one side or double-sided. The length of the workpiece is unlimited as long as it is externally supported which provides flexibility to the production alongside high-quality results.

Automotive machines

RTL-220-Z (1)


  • Operates with form tools
  • Single or double-sided end working up to OD 323 mm
RTL-220-Z (1)


  • Single point machining
  • Single or double-sided end working up to OD 323 mm

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