Hydraulic Cylinder Production


Hydraulic Cylinder Production Machines

Stationary pipe beveling machine for pipes up to OD 3"

Beaver S Series

  • Operates with form tools
  • Machining range: 0,25" to 56"
  • Wall Thickness: Up to 25mm in one pass
Pipe beveling, chamfering, threading, and cut grooving machine for pipes up to OD 24"

Beaver CNC Series

  • Single point machining
  • Machining range: 1" to 56"
  • Wall Thickness: Unlimited
Pipe cutting and beveling machine for pipes up to OD 16"

Beaver CB Series

  • Single point machining
  • Machining range: 1" to 56"
  • Wall Thickness: Unlimited

Hydraulic Cylinder Production

A hydraulic cylinder is a mechanical actuator that provides a strong force in one direction. Hydraulic cylinders usually get their power from a pressurized hydraulic fluid, typically oil.

The cylinder creates pressure and then uses that pressure to move the piston. The hydraulic cylinder industry is growing due to the opportunities in linear motion application areas. Since hydraulic cylinders are the most efficient and effective method of pulling, pushing, lowering, and lifting they are commonly used in both industrial applications such as hydraulic presses, forges, and cranes, and mobile applications such as construction and agricultural vehicles.

Steel, especially stainless steel is the most preferred pipe material in hydraulic cylinder equipment due to its resistance to any corrosion risks. Moreover, when the tolerances are close and high-quality finishing is required, DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) steel honed piping is the best option for cylinder applications.

What we offer

The Beaver series with manual, automatic, and CNC options can perfectly bevel and cut all kinds of steel hydraulic pipes with smooth finishing and capable of providing complex end shapes within OD and ID tolerances.

Moreover, our RTL series is designed to meet the critical tolerance requirements (i.e. A513 Type 5). The clamping system within the RTL machines provides the desired accuracy and efficiency at every turn in the pipe preparations for hydraulic cylinder production.

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