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Lift & Turn

The pipe grooving process is rapid and risk-free with our new Lift & Turn. The roller conveyor in Lift & Turn eliminates the risk of irregularities by expanding the roll grooving machine. In turn, both ends of the pipe can be grooved safely in a sequence with an automated Lift & Turn feature.

  • Our Groove Master integrated with Lift & Turn machines both pipe ends in seconds and substantially reduces production time. Our specially designed rolls help balance the pipe securely to support roll grooving entirely.
  • Copier Machinery designed Lift & Turn with three motors and absolute positioning systems for smooth movement. It is compatible with pipes with an outside diameter of 0.75” up to 12” and with a length option up to 6 meters.
  • Lift & Turn is designed, engineered, manufactured in-house by Copier Machinery. Apart from grooving, Lift & Turn also can be integrated with our Beveling Machines for faster and safer machining.

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