Pipe Mill


Pipe Mill Machines

Stationary pipe beveling machine for pipes up to OD 3"

Beaver S Series

  • Operates with form tools
  • Machining range: 0,25" to 56"
  • Wall Thickness: Up to 25mm in one pass
Pipe beveling, chamfering, threading, and cut grooving machine for pipes up to OD 24"

Beaver CNC Series

  • Single point machining
  • Machining range: 1" to 56"
  • Wall Thickness: Unlimited
Pipe cutting and beveling machine for pipes up to OD 16"

Beaver CB Series

  • Single point machining
  • Machining range: 1" to 56"
  • Wall Thickness: Unlimited

Pipe Mill

Tube mills and pipe mills factories produce tubes and pipes in various designs. They serve to transport a material between endpoints without restriction. Their shape and materials offer inherent resistance to compressive forces, which means they are ideally suited to transporting fluids (e.g., water, gas) through aggressive environments without the risk of contamination. Tubes are also effective for guiding pipes such as wires or rope.

The pipes made in pipe mills are favorable for water and gas pipelines through challenging environments. The most common raw material is steel in pipe mills due to its strength and durability. In the production process, mill efficiency and product quality are the main focus with the consideration of size, hardness, edging, and tooling factors.

What we offer

Copier Machinery provides cutting, beveling, and end working machines, that ensure to increase productivity and quality for cut off and edge preparation sections in pipe mills.

The Beaver series for pipe cutting and beveling has a full range for the pipes outside diameter between 0.5” and 56” with manual, automatic, and CNC options, providing smooth and precise finishing in a very short time.

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