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Pipe roll grooving machine for pipes up to OD 24"

Groove Master

  • Machining Range: 3/4" - 24"
  • Wall Thickness: up to 8 mm in one pass

Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers are installed behind walls and ceilings to protect buildings when a fire occurs. Fire sprinklers consist of a network of piping filled with water under pressure. Therefore, the pipes need to be connected properly.

Threaded and grooved pipes are the most popular methods to join the fire sprinkler pipes. Although, compared to the grooved pipe, the wall thickness needs to be thicker to perform the cuts for threaded pipes. The grooved pipe, invented by Victaulic is a reliable method of pipe connection that can deliver water faster.

There are two methods to form the groove into the pipe: cut groove and roll groove. Cut grooving can weaken the pipe, and results in thinner wall thickness so that corrosion can be a high threat to the pipeline. However, roll grooving maintains the pipe wall thickness so that reduces the risk of corrosion.

What we offer

Smaller pipe thickness can be roll grooved and they ease the transportation and carrying process. Our Groove Master roll grooving machine is robust, meets standard grooving requirements, and perfect for heavy-duty use. IPC controlled roll grooving machine can roll groove the pipes up to 8mm wall thickness and diameter range between ¾” and 24”.

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