Custom clamp shells for short tubes


Custom made clamp shells to perfectly bevel short tubes

In the industry of manufacturing and fabrication, precision is of the utmost importance. Custom-made solutions are often necessary to achieve the desired results. One such example is the Beaver 6S Automatic, equipped with custom clamp shells to perfectly bevel short pipes.

Our traditional clamping shells are not suitable for short pipes. To meet the requirements of our customer, we have engineered custom-made clamping shells that are perfectly suited for short pipes. These clamps are designed to grip the pipes tightly and securely without causing any damage, ensuring accurate and consistent beveling results.

The custom clamp shells are engineered using advanced materials ensuring that they are durable, reliable, and long-lasting. They are also designed to be easily adjustable and interchangeable.

If you have a specific requirement or challenge that needs to be addressed, our engineering team has the expertise and dedication to develop high-quality solutions that meet your unique needs.

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