Roll grooving machines that we manufacture work electro-mechanical and are built in a very robust and stable way for stationary use. Based on our and customers' experience, the electromechanical roll grooving machines are more durable compared to the electro-hydraulic principle. We focus on high-quality machinery for industrial use only that can operate for many years.

Our groove machine for sprinkler purposes is solid and durable constructed for heavy-duty use and accurate grooving of metal pipe ends. The grooves on both ends of two pipe ends could be joined together with a sprinkler coupling. The Groove Master enables you to groove pipes with the correct depth, you could adjust the grooving depth by one-tenth of a millimeter by changing the setting on the machine.

Roll Grooving Machines

Groove Master-GM2-E13624_1
Groove Master-GM2-E13624_2
Groove Master-GM2-E13624_0132
Groove Master-GM2-E13624_0136
Groove Master-GM2-E13624_1
Groove Master
Groove Master-GM2-E13624_2
Groove Master
Groove Master-GM2-E13624_0132
Groove Master
Groove Master-GM2-E13624_0136
Groove Master - Drive and groove rolls

Pipe roll grooving machine

Copier's state-of-the-art stationary pipe roll grooving machine for couplings such as sprinkler and irrigation systems.

  • Machining Range: 3/4" - 24"
  • Wall Thickness: up to 8 mm in one pass

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Groove Master meet with standard grooving specifications?
    • Yes. We designed and build the Groove Master according to standard grooving specifications.

  • Electro-hydraulic vs. electro-mechanic roll grooving machine: what is the difference?
    • The electromechanical roll grooving machines are more durable compared to the electro-hydraulic principle according to our industry experience and customers' feedback. Also, electromechanical roll grooving machines allows you to center the pipe easily, reduces the operating time, increases repeatability, and makes less noise.

  • Is it possible to modify a standard roll grooving machine?
    • Yes. Our engineering team can help you to have the custom modified pipe roll grooving machine that fits perfectly with your business and production requirements.

  • Is it possible to rent a roll grooving machine?
    • Yes, our Groove Master is available to rent. Contact us for more information.

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