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Company profile and business area of Feliuga:

Feliuga is a Lithuanian-based company that was established in 2001. The company’s fabrication workshop is located in Klaipeda, Lithuania with a total area of 6000sqm.

Feliuga UAB specialized in pre-fabrication of pipe spools and piping components for power, petrochemical, paper-cellulose, offshore, or shipbuilding projects:

  • Pipes spools, welded or cold bent, completely ready for mounting
  • Modular skids
  • Piping racks / secondary steel
  • Supports
  • Structural steel
  • Insulation / cladding
  • Special design sliding clamps
  • Complete packages for piping installation (clamps, fasteners, gaskets, etc.)

Approximately 1500 tons of production is being done annually.

Need for efficiency and precision in production:

At Feliuga, they work with all kinds of pipe materials for various industries; from non-alloy carbon to high-alloys, from stainless steel to duplex and super duplex. Due to such a high variation of the materials and diameters, pipe preparations can be challenging.

Previously at Feliuga, beveling operations have been done with a manual solution that was limiting the wall thickness to 6.3mm. Also, the quality of the beveled pipes was not consistent, and sometimes multiple steps needed to be taken to have the correct angle of the bevel.

Similiarly manual welding rotators have been used for the welding process that was taking time and not providing the desired efficiency to Feliuga.

For such a company that is dedicated to piping and manufactures a high volume of pipe spools for different applications, improving the beveling and welding operations was inevitable. Feliuga was in need of a better, more precise solution that could upgrade the efficiency of their production.

Copier’s solution:

Copier’s and Feliuga’s paths have been crossed when Feliuga was researching the market for a better beveling and welding solution. We organized a visit to the team Feliuga to our headquarters in Giessen for a product demo of Beaver Series and Rotoweld.

Afterwards, Feliuga decided to proceed with our brand due to the best price and quality ratio. They acquired two Beaver Series machines, namely Beaver 3 S (for pipes up to OD 3”) and Beaver 16 S (for pipes up to OD 16”), as well as our semi-automated welding solution Rotoweld.

Project delivery and training:

Copier’s technical team together with Jan Copier was in Lithuania to run an on-site training at Feliuga’s production facility. During that time, approximately 50 welds were performed with Rotoweld on pipes with different sizes that go up to OD 38”.

To analyze the quality of welds with x-rays during the training program, an independent laboratory was invited to join this training. The result was impressive and the quality of welds was perfect as a result of various tests.

400% increase in productivity:

Preparation of pipes and piping components is very critical since they have a direct impact on piping production quality. Hence, beveling is the first and the most important step that determines the quality of the weld.

With the addition of Beaver Series to Feliuga’s production facility, the quality of bevels is ensured to be constant, precise, and repeatable. Once the correct tooling set is selected and mounted on the chuck, there is no obstruct to get the desired bevel shape and angle.

Furthermore, the limitation for the maximum wall thickness is upgraded from 6.3mm to 25mm with Beaver Series.

Once the pipe preparation process is optimized, the semi-automated welding solution Rotoweld steps in to create perfect welds on precisely prepared pipes. The Rootomatic™ technology executes a root-pass in record time with its fully automated weld penetration control, which reduces the time that needs to be allocated for the welding process on average by 4 times.

The complete solution of bevelling and welding that Copier provided us have the best price-quality ratio on the market alongside the rapid service and support. Whenever we have a question or any issue, the service team is reachable anytime and comes up with an answer or solution within a day. Ensuring on-time support and fast service make Copier a valuable business partner

Valdemaras Lukavičius, QA/QC manager / Welding coordinator at Feliuga UAB

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