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End working or finishing of pipes, tubes, bars, or shafts can be challenging especially with longer tubes in terms of the set-up process and operation speed (RPM). During the process, the chuck or the centering device restrains to have the desired outcome. Clamping and positioning the tubes is crucial for accurate, fast, and repeatable applications.

Our solution is the RTL (Rotating Tool Lathe), which machines in the opposite way: the tube is fixed and the tool is rotating. It speeds up the set-up process and allows you to machine round workpieces up to OD 323 mm. The most important feature of the RTL series is accuracy. While RTL Z is capable of finishing a workpiece between IT8 and IT10, RTL ZX can achieve even better accuracy that is between IT7 and IT9.

End Working Machines

RTL-220-Z (1)
RTL-220-Z (24)
RTL-220-Z (16)
RTL-220-Z (1)
RTL 220 Z
RTL-220-Z (24)
RTL-220-Z (16)


The RTL (Rotating Tool Lathe) is machining in the opposite way compared to normal end working machines: the workpiece is fixed and the tool is rotating. No long setup time: just put the pipe in, clamp it, and machine!
RTL Z has the same machining principle as Beaver S. However, in comparison to the Beaver S, RTL Z is providing more accurate end results and faster cycle time per bevel.

  • Operates with form tools
  • Single-sided end working up to OD 323 mm

Which End Working Machine Fits Your Business?

RTL Z is suitable when:

  • The diameter range of the pipes that need to be operated is 0.5” – 12” (21.3mm – 323.8mm)
  • The batch sizes vary from small to large
  • The accuracy needs to be within IT8 – IT10
  • Higher surface roughness quality is required
  • The wall thickness of the pipes is light, the maximum WT in one pass is 12mm

RTL ZX is suitable when:

  • The diameter range of the pipes need to be operated is 1” – 16” (33.4mm – 406.4mm)
  • The batches require different shapes or applications, CNC increases the flexibility
  • The accuracy needs to be within IT7 – IT9
  • Higher surface roughness quality is required
  • The material of the pipes is relatively tougher such as carbon steel alloys, duplex, and super duplex
  • You work with both thin and thick-walled pipes

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is RTL?
    • RTL - Rotating Tool Lathe is a lathe that operates the opposite of traditional lathes. The workpiece is fixed by clamping, while the tool is rotating. A chuck with tools mounted on it moves and turns to perform a variety of pipe operations.

  • What is the advantage of RTL?
    • The rotating tool allows such a lathe to produce "turned" parts which would be highly challenging, and costly in terms of money and time to produce any other way. It is easier to operate, machines in a shorter time, and provides more accurate end finishing. Compared to the traditional lathes, there is no tube length limitation for the RTL series that gives you flexibility in the production.

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